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About 7 years ago I came across an amazing line of clothing( as a progressive boutique owner, that's my job!!) I knew immediately it would be one of most wearable , sustainable lines I would ever carry in GAIA, it was of course ALEMBIKA,designed in ISRAEL, Its biggest draw was to make a woman FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR BODY, NOT THE BODY YOURE WORKING ON,FANTASIZING ABOUT,BUT THE ONE YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW- Immediately it won my heart . Through the mentorship of an amazing woman, RONI RABL& her daughter the beautiful YAEL EDELIST, I have nurtured ALEMBIKA into being one of our many PREMIER clothing brands! My entire staff loves ALEMBIKA and we are proud to show it to our incredible customers, featured are extremely wearable pants, fitted and...

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As many of you know we have been building our beautiful shoe department for many years, although cramped and inconvenient it was home to many fabulous brands of footwear. in 2016 we launched a whole new space to showcase our collections and even gave it it's own nameGAIA/ FEEDYOURSOLE ,housed in the former WILDFLOWER space- We are so excited about our new space and happy that you love it too!

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